Served with our fresh baked homemade Pita Bread

Romano's House Salad.. $8.19

Fresh green peppers, red peppers, red onions, cucumbers, shredded carrots & cherry tomatoes over crispy romaine lettuce.  Add grilled chicken for $2.00

Spicy Grilled Cajun Chicken.. $8.45

Tender grilled chicken marinated in cajun spices served over our fresh garden salad.

Romanos’ Cobb Salad.. $9.95

Grilled chicken, real bacon bits, sliced egg, feta cheese over crispy romaine lettuce.

Chipotle Chicken Caesar.. $8.95

Kicking up the classic caesar salad with some Southwestern spices!

Chicken Caesar.. $8.75

Steak Tip Salad.. $13.79

Steak Tip Caesar.. $14.49

Teriyaki Chicken..$8.45

Glazed grilled chicken over our garden salad

BBQ Chicken.. $8.45

Tender grilled chicken smothered in bbq sauce over our garden salad

Grilled Chicken.. $8.15

Buffalo Chicken.. $8.45

Crispy buffalo fingers over our garden salad

Homemade Chicken Finger.. $8.15

Antipasto.. $7.45

Chef.. $7.45

Chicken Salad.. $7.45

Tuna.. $7.45

Greek.. $6.95

Caesar.. $6.95

Garden.. $5.95


Add Feta or Mozzarella - $1.00
Extra Bread or Dressing - 50¢


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